closed on Aug 25,2021.
GINZA Café Noisette
■Apr 14,2018 Cafe
■Strawberry millefeuille ¥970, Coffee ¥320

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NameCafé Noisette
Address12F GInza Mitsukoshi, 6-16, 4-Chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

[Mon-Sun] 11:00~15:00、Cafe:14:00~17:00、17:00~22:00
[Sat, Sun and National holidays] 11:00~17:00、Cafe:14:00~17:00、17:00~22:00


Irregular (In accordance with the closing days of Ginza Mitsukoshi)


GINZA Café Noisette
■Feb 24,2018 Lunch
■Gyu Babette Grill ¥2,050

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GINZA Neo Bistro Le Beurre Noisette TOKYO
■May 29,2012 Lunch
■Lunch course ¥2,800